Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School of Fish (flashmob - guerrilla performance)


To submerge the City and create an underwater world were the public/passer by/would be participant is presented with bubble bottles and a school of fresh fish swimming up street/stream .

Divers in wetsuits, goggles and shower caps give life to this dead puppet/fish in an absurd choreography. Something smells. Look around, something is not quit right.

There is a harp and drum beat providing the sound scape. Big colourfull fish lanterns are part of it.

Why Fish?

It is a symbol of abundance or good luck, which can be traced across diverse cultures and religions in every continent.
We believe that we should be able to smell not just scent of dead fish, but the rotten smell of death of the path that a few willing are leading us into.

The school is a symbol of a group of individuals coming together.

The fish out of water, this stuff I bet you is not going to be evident from viewing the performance, but certainly for the participants and/or performers as part of the process. You can say very entertaining. Out there. Off the wall. Sexy, stupid, annoying, primitive, illegal, sexy (if this kind of stuff turn you on), stupid, etc.


Subversion of reality


We are looking at 20/25 fish puppeteers, 2 to 5 percussionists, one harpist (on wheelchair), 2 fish lanterns, 5 assistants and film crew. Active members of the Institute: 10 dancers/performers, 2 choreographers, 3 musicians, 2 assistants and the film crew.
We are inviting artists to collaborate and participate in a workshop, where we would explore fish puppeteering and develop a choreography.

Past Performances

"Not the Fringe Parade", Brunswick St, Set 2003.
"Fringe Outdoors", Melbourne CBD, Oct 2003
"Peoples Day", Big West Festival, Nov 2003


The short movie "school of Fish", by Leandro Palacio, was premier in Dec 2003 by "Melbourne Filmoteca" at ACMI, Federation Square. Copies on VHS or DVD are available at the Institute, contact

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  1. Love this!!!!!.... bring on the fish and dance the streets.... i wanna join this party for sure....