Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Panda Peep Show - 10 Anniversary Patacorroboree

Dear Satraps,
The Patacorroboree is in motion!

We are publishing a book commemorative of the 10 Anniversary of the Melbourne Institute of Pataphysical Studies, to be release on the night.
It will go to print on Monday 13 of September 2010, if anyone has relevant material (graphic or text) to contribute, get in touch asap!

Panda Peep Show - Patacorroborre, 10 Anniversary of the Melbourne Institute of Pataphysical Studies.
Sat 2nd of Oct 2010, 8pm to 1am @ The Institute Mansion (East St Kilda)
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010 Special Event

So far we have:
- Costum Design and Styling by Michelle Stapley.
- Wind Sensory Sculpture by Drasko Boljevic
- Peep Show performance, by Philipa Armstrong and Richie Williams.
- Songs by Nina Mishriky.
- Performance by Anna Margarita Liebzby.
- Interactive Sound performance, by Oakies.
- "Cultural Zoo" theatre performance, by Renan Goksyn.
- Bathtub performance, by Elke Barczak.
- Mural Tatoos, by Peter Pavlov.
- Piano Room: Cat McGregor, Fraser Paxton, Hernan, Anna Margarita, Oakies and more TBC
- DJ Mono (aka Leandro) and more TBC.
- Bathroom Puppet show, by Bianca Rayner, Hernan Palacio and others.
- Retrospective Photograph exhibition by Paul Dunn.
- Films and Projections from the Archives of the Melbourne Institute of Pataphysical Studies.
TBC: online participation from Otro Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Pataphysica (Valencia), Tania Lorandi (Collage de Patafisica, Milan), Bo Svoronos (from New York), Martin Rinuad (from Sydney)
We keep whats happening in the Telephone Room as a secret.

The Argentinean BBQ and Lounge Bar will be in full swing (there will be vegan options).

If you feel the urge to explore your Pataphysical side, get in touch and bring it on!
Still room for more artists that want to collaborate.

Excitement is in the air (maybe is Spring?), lets sail!

Hernan Palacio
Melbourne Institute of Pataphysical Studies
0419 105 127

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Panda Peep Show

The Institute is celebrating its 10 anniversary!
We are calling for collaborators to partake in our next Patacorroboree, the 2nd of October 2010 as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.